Alex Angstrom is a marketing strategist at VisionPoint. He works in the trenches with our clients to craft integrated marketing plans that seize on strategic opportunities and deliver measurable results. He is also the guardian of his client’s brand and keeper of its institutional mission. “As a strategist, I am constantly in touch with my clients,” says Alex. “On a daily basis, I am measuring results and reporting back to them. Their goals are my goals. It’s truly a partnership. And I have an intensive ambition to realize good results for them.”

Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Alex came to VisionPoint after working as both a brand strategist and a digital strategist. As a result, he is as comfortable working on traditional branding and advertising as he is in content marketing and UX. 

What brought Alex to VisionPoint was the opportunity to combine his past experiences into one role. “At VisionPoint, the functions overlap quite a bit — that’s what I love about working here. For the first time, I can call myself just a strategist, someone who touches on all the levels of the brand and digital experience.” 

It’s a role that naturally suits Alex. He’s always been a someone who’s excelled at lots of different activities. In high school, he was a pentathlete, a sport comprising five different track and field events, from hurdles to shot put. Today, Alex sees himself as a professional pentathlete, one with his hands in everything here at VisionPoint — research, discovery, media planning, ideation, and measurement.  

One of his favorite roles is that of a facilitator. Alex enjoys leading focus groups, brainstorms, client workshops, and one-on-one interviews. To him, it’s about guiding the conversations around a goal and running them smoothly and creatively. Alex works closely with writers, designers, developers, and account managers at VisionPoint. He sees his job as scrupulously steering all VisionPoint team resources around his client’s goals and strategy. 

Thoughtful and always up on the latest developments in higher ed, Alex brings true lateral thinking to the job. “I’m always looking for inspiration from outside higher ed and marketing,” he says. Presently, his biggest source of ideas come from his own studies as a grad student in Design Management at Savannah College of Art and Design. Rather than pursue a straight MBA, Alex opted for a degree more oriented to the world of communications and design. “My goal was to gain more credibility as a business professional,” he says. “The beauty of this degree is that it mashes business up with creativity, planning, and research.” 

When he’s not authoring strategy briefs or leading a client through a complex campaign launch, Alex can be found either biking or running through the streets of Boston. Alex has taken both sports to their extremes. He’s biked a good portion of the West Coast from San Francisco to San Diego. He’s also in training to run his first marathon. “You just catch a bug and want to do longer and longer runs and trips,” he says.

At first blush, training for the Marine Corps Marathon and developing a marketing strategy for his higher ed clients might share little in common. But to Alex Angstrom, the two follow similar paths. “In both, there will be long periods of hard work, moments we push each other and celebrate. But there will also be moments of struggle and even conflict. We have to take the time to build each other up,” he says. “The hard work always pays off in the end  — and it also leads to great relationships with clients when we’ve gone through this challenging time together.”