As VisionPoint’s Strategic Partnerships Manager, Tara is the driving force behind the planning and execution of VisionPoint’s business development initiatives. 

Tara  facilitates and leads our sales discovery, evaluation and response process from start to finish helping us to clearly communicate how VisionPoint can partner with clients to achieve success.

She acts as the project manager for all our proposal and pitch opportunities, and her close attention to detail is a guarantee that all requested Scopes of Work and supporting data are well-crafted and delivered on time. Tara develops accurate cost estimates based on historical data and team input, always ensuring that new clients have a complete and clear picture of the financial end of any proposal. Most importantly, Tara works hard to get to know prospective clients, because understanding their needs is key to shaping a project and developing a good partnership.

A strategic thinker with an analytical mind and excellent problem-solving and communication skills, Tara always has an eye on identifying opportunities to leverage VisionPoint’s expertise to help a higher ed institution achieve their goals.

“I enjoy working at VisionPoint because I know that we are helping higher ed clients connect with the students who will benefit most from what they have to offer — and those students will have the opportunity to learn, grow and pursue their dreams."

Tara graduated from the University of North Carolina Wilmington with a B.A. in Communication Studies and a minor in Journalism. Before becoming a VisionPointer, Tara worked as a copywriter and social media manager in Wilmington. 

Tara is based in Florida and loves it. When she’s not updating our CRM or putting her stamp of approval on a new proposal, you’ll find her paddle boarding on the Gulf of Mexico, checking out the sharks, dolphins, turtles and rays that populate the Florida waters. A red wine enthusiast and an avid watcher of films, Tara is always up for sampling a new merlot during movie nights with her husband, Travis, and their labs, Duke and Chip.