There is almost no project at VisionPoint that doesn’t have Sarah’s name on it—and for good reason. Digital marketing campaigns are the heart of almost every marketing engagement and as our Digital Marketing Strategist, Sarah is the pro who makes all our campaigns tick. From ad targeting to PPC strategy and from copy and creative to analytics and reporting, Sarah is Campaign Central.

Certified in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, Sarah doesn’t just carefully build and calibrate campaigns — she makes sure they’re delivering results. She’s a is a whiz at planning, executing, and managing marketing metrics within web analytics interfaces and CRMs. But, even more importantly, she’s adept at cutting through the complexities of that data to give her clients results and recommendations that are both easy to understand and easy to act on.

Sarah is a consummate team collaborator, juggling campaigns and input from the creative, technical, and account teams to ensure we exceed client expectations and goals. And she is a great believer in the power of digital: “Digital marketing is critical because it allows you to get very precise in your targeting. You are able to deliver relevant messages to the right users at the right time at the right place. You can measure and analyze your efforts and you can adjust on the fly to optimize for best results. Other media outlets just can't guarantee that.” 

Sarah is not a newcomer to the world of digital. As a Video Production/Social Media Specialist at NBC in Ohio, she worked on commercials, promotions, and the development of national social media campaigns. She also has agency experience as a digital strategist, managing and executing over 30 different digital marketing campaigns for clients. Sarah is a graduate of the University of Mount Union, where she earned her B.A. in Integrated Media.

When Sarah isn’t executing multiple digital campaigns, she can be found exploring Raleigh with her camera in hand, biking the Greenway, hunting for antiques at the NC State Fairground Flea Market, and enjoying the North Carolina sun. She also has a brand new puppy, Kylo, who is a very popular visitor at the VisionPoint office.