As one of our talented Web Developers, Kelsey builds websites and interactive experiences for our clients – applying her extensive knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to help them reach their website goals. Kelsey is adept at navigating the project development process from start to finish, and she has a keen ability to rapidly create and implement digital assets and code. She’s also continuously sharpening her skill set so that she stays up-to-date on the technology and strategies that will ensure success for her clients’ projects.

Beyond creating engaging and informative websites, Kelsey is especially interested in accessibility – one important but often overlooked ingredient of successful websites.

“My main focus is creating digital products that are inclusive, accessible and can serve the widest possible audience,” she explains.” When approaching a project I apply my technical skills with tenacity and a drive to produce the best possible outcome for clients and end users."

Kelsey’s always at the ready to provide consultation during every phase of any website project, and she supports all our VisionPoint internal website initiatives as well. She’s a whiz at troubleshooting on a system level and at user experience testing; she makes sure the final results of any project are the best they can be. 

Before joining VisionPoint, Kelsey worked on a wide variety of web projects for clients ranging from small start-up companies to commercial vendors. When we asked Kelsey where she would go if she had a time-machine, she answered, “1890, so I could meet Nikola Tesla.” Spend a few minutes with Kelsey and it all makes sense: Like Tesla, Kelsey’s always more concerned with doing the best work possible for her clients than she is about getting any credit for herself.

When she’s not coding websites or sharing the latest tech buzz on the company’s Slack channel, Kelsey’s reading Philip K. Dick, creating interactive art for the web and contemplating technology’s role in shaping the human experience.