Dylan, our Information Architect, is a creative thinker able to translate business strategies and creative concepts into useful and delightful experiences across various types of media. Whether he’s working on a website, mobile app, or UI (user interface) project, Dylan always puts the end-user first — after all, that’s who VisionPoint and our clients truly serve.

Dylan has a keen understanding of how foundational Information Architecture is to the long-term success of large-scale websites. He uses tools and techniques like sitemaps, wireframes, user personas, testing models, prototypes, and flow diagrams to effectively communicate interaction and design ideas, as well as to document the overall UX experience and process. 

Dylan excels at problem-solving and conceptualizing ideas that bring simplicity and user friendliness to complex UX challenges. He embodies our spirit of collaboration, working closely with account managers and strategists, visual designers, content specialists, and other developers to define and implement the best solutions for our clients. And he loves the VisionPoint experience through and through. 

“Working at VisionPoint is truly a pleasure. We have the best people, a fun culture, and the work is extremely rewarding. What else could you ask for?!”

As many of us do, Dylan began his VisionPoint career as an intern with the hopes of one day becoming a fulltime VisionPointer. It didn’t take long for him to prove that he could bring significant value for our clients and to our team. Prior to VisionPoint, Dylan earned his degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from North Carolina State University. He showed an entrepreneurial spirit even as a student — he owned his own clothing company during college.

When he wasn’t busy in the North Carolina office, Dylan enjoyed surfing at his home-town break in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina; but since he began working as a remote VisionPoint employee in Colorado, he’s finding watersports a bit more difficult to manage! For the time being, he traded his surfboard for snowboarding in the winter and rock climbing in the summer.