Carissa is the Director of Technical Strategy at VisionPoint. An eternal optimist and brilliant collaborator, Carissa’s skill at leading complex website projects is unmatched. In fact, we joke around the office that if you add up all the nation’s higher ed website redesigns over the past several years, Carissa has managed probably half of them (and that’s only a slight exaggeration).

Carissa’s clients trust her experience and leadership to not only solve complex web marketing challenges but to deliver exceptional work. As Team Lead, she is responsible for strategically leading a team of developers, translating project goals into feasible deliverables, keeping the developer team on target, and working closely with Web Strategists and Account Managers to identify and surmount any roadblocks that pop up along the way.

Every website project is unique and thousands of decisions need to be made along the way. Carissa’s ultimate goal is to lead her team of technologists to develop functional, accessible websites that are as technically sound as they are visually compelling, websites that serve both our clients and their users well.

Whether she’s building a detailed development plan, consulting with a client’s IT team, or delivering a CMS training, Carissa is perpetually patient, thoughtful and strategic. As she puts it, every client is a favorite.

“I love our clients; they are so committed to the work. It’s easier to succeed with a project when a client is really passionate about what they are trying to achieve. It’s great to see a new website go live and celebrate that with our clients.” 

Carissa has been with VisionPoint for over seven years, leading more than twenty full-scale website redesign projects and supporting on many others before transitioning full-time to the management of our technology team. She is a graduate of the University of North Carolina Wilmington, where she earned a B.S. in Communication Studies along with a minor in Leadership Studies. Her previous experience includes event planning, promotion, social media management and marketing.

When Carissa isn’t at the office tackling new client projects, she can be found going on hikes and other outdoor adventures with her adorable Shiba Inu, Dixie, and her husband, Dan. Carissa is also a world traveler with a long bucket list of exciting places left to visit.