In a world where many marketing agencies tout their agility across multiple industries, our commitment to serving higher education is not only rare, it’s intentional. We are in the business of connecting people with one of the best experiences they'll likely have in their lifetime - a great education. 

We are passionate believers in the transformative power of higher education. Ask any VisionPointer, and they will tell you a personal story about the way they’ve been profoundly shaped by a professor, a project, a course or an educational experience (it’s actually part of our interview process).

Beyond just our passion for higher ed, we’ve discovered over the years that our core competencies align perfectly with the most daunting marketing challenges that colleges, universities and community colleges routinely face. Those core competencies include:

1. A firm commitment to strategy. 

Every tactic, every initiative, every decision stems from a goal-driven strategy.

2. An inherent proficiency - and a proven process - for building consensus. 

No one can whistle a symphony, and no marketing plan or initiative can succeed if the key stakeholders aren’t aligned and engaged. Gaining consensus isn’t a final hurdle, it’s a first priority.  

3. An integrated approach. 

While independent projects can be effective, our philosophy is that consistent messaging across traditional and online marketing channels is the best way to build a strong brand. That means even when we’re building a website, we’re never “just building a website.”

Today, we’re thrilled to say that over 95% of our business is in higher education. The work we do in partnership with our clients is nationally recognized and our VisionPointers are frequently invited to speak at many of higher education’s preeminent marketing conferences (e.g. AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education, CASE, eduWeb, NCMPR) demonstrating our team’s thought leadership on topics ranging from brand and content strategy to website governance and integrated marketing plans.